1st Keyham Scout Group is 100% run by volunteers, the Group receives no external funding.  Although all adults involved give their time freely, there are costs involved in running a Scout Group.  Annually the Group pays a subscription to the Scout Association which covers all necessary insurances for both the young people and the adults to participate and run scouting events (including the regular scouting evening sessions), in addition there are the costs of badges and the cost of equipment/consumables needed for the evening sessions.

Camps and other activities have a cost, payable by the participants, which covers the actual activity/camp but the larger items such as tents and cooking equipment are supplied and maintained from group funds.

Finally, we are lucky enough to have our own Scout Headquarters – but this costs money to run – including rates, electricity, gas  and general maintenance.

These costs are met in a variety of ways.  Each child member of 1st Keyham Scout Group pays subscription fees (subs), currently these are £7.50 per month or £30 termly (three terms a year).  We also hire out the Scout Headquarters during the day and at weekends.  Finally we have fundraising events/Grants – this is where the Fundraising Committee has a major role to play.

The Group has decided that a separate committee should be set up to organise and run fundraising events.  This should consist of parents/carers and friends of 1st Keyham.  Their role should be to arrange and organise fundraising events on behalf of  the Group.  If you would like to get involved in the Fundraising Committee please contact us.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to be able to support the Group, but limit it to the times you can commit or this may be an area you have skills in which you think could benefit the Group.  The more volunteers we get, the more it benefits the children and young people who are members of 1st Keyham and the local community.  Any parent or friend of 1st Keyham can get involved – all help is welcomed.

The Fundraising Committee has regular meetings to discuss  ideas and put together activities.  Dates of the these committee meetings and upcoming events can be found in the Fundraising Diary.  News about the Fundraising Committee can be found in the News page.

If you already participate in the Fundraising Committee – Thank you for your support.  If you would like to be involved or have some questions about it please contact us.  All help is welcomed – whether it is baking a batch of cup cakes, producing a flyer about an event, delivering flyers or just want to discuss new ideas with a group of like-minded people – you are all welcome.  Every extra voice around the table is a potential new idea.


Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Group. If you aren’t already a member, you’ll need to request to join, as this is a closed group.