Our Wishlist

During our fundraising efforts, we are sometimes asked for a ‘wishlist’ of things that we would like to purchase for the benefit of the group.

This list is not exhaustive, but should give an idea of what we are looking to achieve.

  1. Cool Boxes (Around £110 each)
    These are essential pieces of camp equipment and provide long lasting cold storage for food and drink for the duration of a camp. Our existing boxes are beginning to show signs of wear and need replacing.
  2. Raspberry Pi! (£150-200 for 4)
    No, not the edible kind! We would like to be able to offer digital badges across all sections, and the ‘Raspberry Pi’ (a credit-card sized computer) is a great, cost-effective way to achieve this. We can learn to program all sorts of things from a blinking LED to an arcade machine!
  3. Gas-powered Water Boiler (£200)
    This would make life much easier for catering during events and functions, which are our primary sources of fundraising.
  4. Electric Double-Ring Cookers (£20 each)
    For cooking activities across all sections, to replace the current ones which don’t work very well.