Our Squirrels section, for children aged 4-6 meet at the Scout Hut every Thursday  from 4.30pm – 5.30pm.  

All Squirrels should wear their uniform jumpers and scarfs to their sessions, in warmer weather the uniform polo shirts, or 1st Keyham polo shirts are suitable.

Squirrels are usually aged between four and six years old, though they can move up to Beavers as young as five and three quarters. If you are interested in joining Squirrels at 1st Keyham please contact us here.


Our section is currently operating a waiting list, but if you’d like to join the waiting list for a space, simply send your child’s name, your email address, your postcode and child’s Date of Birth to us here, and we’ll be in touch once a space opens.


A group of Squirrels Scouts is called a Drey, and each Drey can be split up into smaller groups called Nests. Our nests are named after characters from The Gruffalo. Mice, Foxes, Snakes and Owls. We love telling stories at Squirrels!

Squirrels have a Promise but there is not a Squirrel Scout Law. The Squirrels will practice their promise and learn what it means through activities and stories.

Squirrel Scouts Promise Card - Atheist or No Faith

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Group. If you aren’t already a member, you’ll need to request to join, as this is a closed group.